2019 NCCSC Zombie Pumpkin Apocalypse

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2019 NCCSC Zombie Pumpkin Apocalypse

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Dateline 10-05-2019: New Leaked Video Footage.

The club has just received a leaked video from a member of the Zombie Pumpkin Response Team who said General Ghoul was spotted again up on the ranges. The ZPRT member who provided the footage did so under strict condition of anonymity so General Ghoul would not be able to retaliate against them directly. The video shows General Ghoul taunting the ZPRT and confirms the club's suspicions that the zombie pumpkin hordes will be back again this year, most likely bigger than ever.


Dateline 10-1-19: General Ghoul Spotted!

General_Ghoul_lgThe club has recently received reliable reports that a crop of hundreds of Zombie Pumpkins are currently growing in the fields behind the 50yd range. Local pumpkin farming experts estimate the horrendous bumper crop will transform into zombies the afternoon of November 10th. Sources have also confirmed that Zombie Pumpkin Army General Ghoul was spotted outside the clubhouse facilities late last night. Club officials will neither confirm nor deny this sighting as the panic from this news may not be contained to club grounds.

The club is urging all members to support our efforts to destroy this invasive sub-species before it spreads to neighbouring towns and villages. NCCSC is once again calling on the Zombie Pumpkin Response Team to combat this horde. We’re looking for able bodied men and women to come out to the club Sunday November 10th at 12:00PM to show these ghoulish gourds we’re ready to defend our club.

Now’s the time to bring out the big guns! Leave the pea shooters home in the safe, you know what they say about Zombies - One in the Head Keeps 'Em Dead! We need real firepower not some yuppie sub-division living wanna be Zombie Hunters.

Archived footage from 2014:

ZPRT Training Report
Back in 2014, the Swift Shooting ZPRT recon drone caught some rare footage of the ZPRT honing their zombie pumpkin blasting skills in preparation for the invasion. Take a good look at the video and decide if you are up to the task this year then throw your hat in the ring.