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Real World Self Defense II

We take the lessons learned from RWSD 1 and expand further into the mindset required to defend yourself in real world scenarios. We introduce additional open hand techniques in conjunction with using a sidearm.

In this 4-hour class we cover the foundation of sidearms deployment and the proper draw techniques to ensure all students can draw their gun from the hip with solid technique, grip, stance, and trigger control using instructor provided SIRT laser training pistols.

10am - 2pm


  • Defensive Mindset
  • Situational Awareness
  • Sidearm Deployment (draw, stance, grip, trigger reset using laser trainers)
  • Techniques to get to your gun in close quarters
  • Team tactics, basics of room clearing
  • Basics of active shooter scenarios
  • Questions and answer session

Wear comfortable clothes, trousers with a belt, sneakers or soft shoes.  If you have a holster that fits a Glock 17 or 19 please bring it with you for the SIRT gun.

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Call or email Jim to register 610-399-1188 benoit@cajunarms

TuscaroraTacticalInstructor: Jim Benoit (benoit@cajunarms.com) - More information on Jim and his training company (Tuscarora Tactical Training) can be found at www.tuscaroratactical.com.