NRA Defensive Pistol is a four to five hour period of instruction.  As a result of their participation in this course, participants should be able to explain and demonstrate the following:

  • The importance of carrying and using a pistol responsibly and ethically for personal protection.
  • How the NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling are applied to concealed carry.
  • Basic principles of concealment.
  • Presenting a pistol – re-holster.
  • Mental awareness.
  • Mental Preparation to develop a defensive mindset for carrying and using a pistol for personal protection.
  • Techniques for avoiding life-threatening confrontations.
  • Explain the psychological and physiological changes that may occur during an attack.
  • Flash sight picture.
  • Reload under stress.
  • Clear common stoppages- immediate action drills.
  • Present a pistol from concealment and re-holster.
  • Cover and concealment.
  • Present a pistol from concealment and shoot targets at varying distances.
  • Move off the line of attack and shoot.
  • Qualify for the NRA Defensive Pistol Certificate.
  • Pocket Pistols.


Student Requirements

  • Quality pistol appropriate for concealed carry – minimum 9 mm or 38 special.
  • Optional pocket pistol if the student has one they would like to shoot.
  • Quality strong side hip holster – recommended form fitted leather or Kydex®.  Must cover trigger/trigger guard area.  SERPA® style holsters are not permitted.
  • Quality belt, designed to carry a holster and firearm and magazine pouch.
  • 200 rounds of quality factory ammunition.
  • 2 spare magazines or speed loaders with pouches.
  • Proper concealed carry clothing.
  • Eye protection.
  • Electronic hearing protection.

Students who attend this course are individuals who have made a conscientious decision to lawfully carry a pistol for personal protection in their daily lives and seek practical training on how to confidently use that firearm in real-world scenarios using both standard defensive pistol as well as pocket pistols. Only those students who successfully complete a timed course of fire will be awarded the course completion certificate.


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