TuscaroraTacticalCarrying a gun for self defense is a sound concept to protect yourself and your loved ones from a violent encounter. In today’s society however, you may not always have your gun with you or on you. You may also be in a situation where you cannot use it or get to it. It is vital to know and understand how to defend yourself in such a situation as part of your self-defense plan.

We keep the lessons simple and repeatable. Just as a gun can be the “great equalizer” in a fight, the techniques you learn will also tip the odds in your favor during a violent confrontation to either get away or deploy your own sidearm.

Unlike many martial systems that “require” years of training and rely on speed, power, and a high level of fitness, we teach you how to use your body’s natural motion to create motor dysfunction of your attacker. These techniques work regardless of your age, size, or fitness level.

Three hour lecture, one hour workshop.


  • Defensive Mindset
    • Legal consideration of using deadly force.
    • Mental, Physical, and moral considerations of using deadly force.
    • Turn the switch from defensive to offensive. Reply to violence with more violence.
    • What to expect during a violent encounter, physical & mental.
    • How to react to Law Enforcement when they arrive.
  • Situational Awareness
    • Mental exercise for preparation.
  • Unarmed Defensive Tactics
    • Defensive strike zones.
    • Striking techniques: punch, kick, elbows, knees, angles.
    • Pressure point techniques.
    • Distance and timing relative to distance.
  • Gun Disarmament using Empty Hand
    • Front, side, rear.
    • Gun touching body, gun not touching body.
  • Techniques to get to your gun in close quarters.
  • Team tactics, basics of room clearing.
  • Basics of active shooter scenarios.
  • Questions and answer session.

Wear comfortable clothes, trousers with a belt, sneakers or soft shoes.  If you have a holster that fits a Glock 17 please bring it with you for the SIRT gun.



Cost: $80, includes range fee. A 50% deposit is required to hold your slot.

Classes are held regardless of weather.

To see the NCCSC calendar for available dates: CLICK HERE

Call or email Jim to register - 610-399-1188 benoit@cajunarms.com

Or go to: http://www.cajunarms.com/firearms-training-schedule.html  to use credit card or PayPal.


Range Hours

Mon - Fri: 9:00 a.m. - Dusk
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - Dusk
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - Dusk

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