NCCSC Range Etiquette

For the new shooter and those shooters who have not been to a range before, following this etiquette will provide more enjoyment for you and for others at the firing line. It is a way to make new friends with people who have a common interest and make for an enjoyable day of shooting for you and those at the firing line with you.

    • Greet fellow shooters at the firing line, if too many folks then just those close by your position.
    • Muzzles of all firearms in down range direction as soon as they are removed from their respective cases.
    • Firearms unloaded unless in active use. (Holstered CCW excepted)
    • Keep empty chamber or cylinder open for all shooters to see while firearm not in use.
    • Do not handle your firearm while others are down range
    • Do not load magazine "clips" or firearms while people are down range,
    • While average time between shooting and cease fires will vary, try to allow for ten minutes shooting and five minute cease fire for target change over.
    • To indicate you are interested in a cease fire, clear your firearms and stand three plus feet behind the firing line. (When firing line is busy)
    • If shooting continues after most of the shooters are ready (standing behind line) for a change, then a cease fire should be called.
    • Anyone may call cease fire, at any time, for any reason.
    • When a cease fire is called, all shooters must stop firing, unload and clear their firearm.Only then find the reason for the cease fire (usually target change over).
    • Not until all firearms are cleared may someone call "the range is now Clear" so shooters may proceed down range. This action is if the range has many shooters at it. (verbiage may vary)
    • When all down range activity is complete and verified verbally may the call "Range is now Hot" and firing may commence. (verbiage may vary)
    • Offer your fellow shooters to fire your firearm and they will theirs. This allows you both to meet other members and learn different firearms which help you in any future firearm purchases.
    • Come prepared with extra hearing protection "ears" in the event someone forgets theirs and needs to borrow a set.
    • Come with extra staples, targets and supplies to offer another shooter in case someone runs out.
    • Feel free to ask questions of other shooters to acquire more knowledge regarding firearms or marksmanship, and freely answer questions of other shooters.We all were new once.
    • Make the trip back to the backstop to retrieve your target(s) when you have finished shooting.
    • Adults should maintain close proximity (within arms length) to minor children while they are shooting.

Range Hours

Mon - Fri: 9:00 a.m. - Dusk
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - Dusk
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - Dusk

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