Saturday, September 24th 2022 was the big Grand Prize Drawing day at NCCSC for the annual Fall Raffle. A large crowd gathered in the tent and grounds participating in the numerous events and raffles leading up to the Grand Prize ticket drawings. Considering the club's desire to maintain affordable family dues and provide the upgrades and expansion of facilities desired, this fund raising event is a key element in seeing our future vision of NCCSC become reality.

Thanks to everyone of you which purchased your allotment of tickets, to those of you which sold additional tickets to friends, neighbors and co-workers, and to those who participated in the event drawing raffles and activities!

Below is a list of all the lucky winners from the Orange & Pink Ticket and Mystery Safe Gun Raffle drawing:

Note: Winning ticket numbers will be updated shortly.



2022 Fall Gun Raffle Winners List


Winning Ticket #


Orange Ticket Raffle

1st PFO-USA MINUTEMAN 5.56MM Coming Soon... Nathan Lauter
2nd WILSON COMBAT SIG -320 9MM Coming Soon... Nathan Lauter
3rd CZ REDHEAD PREMIER O/U 12 GA Coming Soon... James Strandhardt
4th CENTURY VSKA (AK47) 7.62X39 mm Coming Soon... Carl Sehell
5th KIMBER PRO CARRY II 45 ACP Coming Soon... Mahlon Fegley
6th HK 45 PISTOL 45 ACP Coming Soon... Larry Van Horn
7th RUGER 5.7 PISTOL 5.7X28 MM Coming Soon... Mike Brown
8th BERGARA B-14 RIDGE RIFLE 6.5 CRDM Coming Soon... Stephen Young
9TH STEVENS 555 TRAP 12 GA Coming Soon... Joe Worbetz
10th GLOCK 19X FDE PISTOL 9MM Coming Soon... Cory Wasson

Pink Ticket Raffle

CZ0-USA 620 FIELD SELET PUMP 20 GA Coming Soon... Kathryn Mastuckh
SAVAGE A22 BNS-SR RIFLE 22 LR Coming Soon... Chrus Grech
S&W 442 AIRWEIGHT REVOLVER 38 SPL Coming Soon... Jim Magee
S&W M&P 15-22 SPORT 22 LR Coming Soon... Dennis Paulachok

Mystery Safe Raffle

Savage 110 Ultralite Carbon Wrap, 308 Ammo and long gun safe Coming Soon... Minniger


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