Saturday, September 27th was the big Grand Prize Drawing day at NCCSC. A large crowd gathered in the club house and grounds participating in the numerous events and raffles leading up to the Grand Prize ticket drawings.

Considering the club's desire to maintain affordable family dues and provide the upgrades and expansion of facilities desired, this fund raising event is a key element in seeing our future vision of NCCSC become reality.

Thanks to everyone of you which purchased your allotment of tickets, to those of you which sold additional tickets to friends, neighbors and co-workers, and to those who participated in the event drawing raffles and activities!

Below is a list of all the lucky winners from the Orange & Pink Ticket and Mystery Safe Gun Raffle drawing:


2014 Gun Raffle Winners List


Winning Ticket #


Orange Ticket Raffle

Browning Citori 12 Ga Shotgun 02474  Steven Gammon
Ruger M77 SS 308/Leupold 3x9 07312  Don Kreger
Sig 229 Elite Dark 9mm 00429  David Bostick
Colt 1991 1911 .45 ACP 08107  David Zlotowski
HK P30S .40 S&W 01568  Barry Depew
Windham Flat Top .556 AR-15 07689  Jeanne Ward
Ruger GP100 .357 Mag Revolver 00199  Mike Bacchini
Walther PPK SS .380 04915  Benjamin (Abe) Miller
Ruger .22/.22 Mag SS Revolver 03598  Ewald Kalmbach
Henry .22 Lever Octagon Barrel 03765  Tae Kim

Pink Ticket Raffle

Windham Muddy Girl .556 AR-15 0338  Joe Isaacs
Charter Arms Chic Lady .38 Spl Revolver 0874  Barry Rothman
Mossberg 930 12 Ga Shotgun 0095  John Caruso
Smith & Wesson Model 22A .22 lr 0066  Jane Del Paggio

Mystery Safe Raffle

Ruger Gunsite Scout .308 Win
Ruger Mini Thirty 7.62x39
Field and Stream Gun Safe
00771  Daniel Newton


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