Deep Snow Blankets NCCSC

Missing: Trap house #1

In the last few weeks mother nature has deposited over 2 feet of snow at the club. This past Saturday work day, over a dozen volunteers helped with snow removal and slowly but surely fought the snow from the driveway upwards past the parking lot.

It took a great amount of work just to get the snow cleared to the gate and then several hours of plowing, snow blowing and shoveling to get the parking lot cleared and easy access into the clubhouse and log cabin.


Volunteers clearing the road up to the ranges.




Removal was made difficult by continuously falling snow and freezing temperatures that on several occasions even made the giant Dynahoe slide sideways and get stuck with no traction.

Volunteers worked over 8 hours removing snow with hopes of reaching the ranges, but in the end mother nature won the day and the ranges remained just out of reach.


The end of the road


If your are headed up to the outdoor ranges before warmer weather returns be prepared to park in the lower lot and hike up to the ranges or bring your monster truck!

Remember, every Wednesday night is the indoor shoot, now might be the perfect time to check it out if you haven't been to one yet.

Think Spring!





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Burgers Anyone?
Burgers Anyone?



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