Steel Challenge Shoot – 2023

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This event is running from 23 April 2023 until 12 November 2023. It is next occurring on April 23, 2023 1:00 pm

  • Venue: NCCSC - 25 Yard Range
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Subject:  Something NEW and FUN for hand gunners… Members Only

What:  Steel Challenge Shoot – FREE EVENT

NCCSC introduces something new and exciting for all hand gunners who want to improve their gun handling and shooting techniques. The Steel Challenge Shoot series.  Styled after IDPA defensive formats using many of the magazine published drills and three-gun courses and its FREE.

Each course will be held on the 25-yard range, with 2 different stages, requiring 8 to 10 rounds per stage and a minimum 1 magazine change. The course of fire will be supervised by NCCSC Range Officers and all safety rules will be followed.  All handgun calibers will be allowed from 22 to 45, however no magnum loads please. You will be able to run the course multiple times, limited only by the number of members in attendance.

Our objective is to provide a safe and friendly event to allow members to practice defensive handling of their firearms.  The courses will not be timed or scored initially. But depending on how well the courses run we can look forward to timing and scoring each stage.

Our initial course will be a 6 steel gong row with 2 small poppers on either side, followed by the 9-hole barricade drill on a steel plate.

We look forward to seeing many of our members attending and experiencing the thrill of ringing steel.

For more information or to volunteer for set up and take down, contact Chuck Ortwein 610-390-6938 or email

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